Poppy’s Packing List

Ok so after a year of backpacking, there are some things that I have come to appreciate/rely on heavily! I wanted to share these with you so that if you are travelling or maybe planning on a trip you can take a look and see if any of these tickle your fancy.

Here we go…

1. The Backpack. We have to start with the backpack, or where else will you put everything else on this list? This backpack has been thrown on and off buses/trains, packed to bursting point but miraculously not actually burst. It is super durable and you can take it to a nearby store that has an Osprey ‘oven’ where they heat it up and mould it to you so it fits perfectly. Yes, it does cost a little more than other rucksacks, but when it is effectively your home this is the time to be investing! There’s a reason it comes out top in a lot of polls. The link here is to the 55 litre version, I personally took the 65 litres, but the size is up to you.

Osprey Ariel 55 hiking bag Ladies M blue 2016 trekking bag

2. The Towel. They say that anything you pack should have at least three uses. A micro-fibre towel certainly does go above and beyond that criteria. A towel. A yoga mat. A cushion. A beach towel. A blanket. A curtain (for when you don’t want to be woken at 5am by the sun in a hostel with uncovered windows). This list really does go on. This particular towel is light, colourful and doesn’t weigh a lot. Purple was my choice.

Mountain Warehouse Micro Towelling Travel Towel – Medium – 120 x 60 cm Khaki

3. The Probiotics. Do not under estimate the power of these things. If you don’t believe me check out the reviews. There are a lot of different types out there, but these are specifically for travelling – perfect for all the street food you will be trying. It is really not worth taking the risk of having to hover near the bathroom for days…need I say more.

Optibac Probiotics for Travelling Abroad PMP UK 20 Vegetarian Capsules

4. The Go Pro. You will only have an experience once. We can never recreate the exact thing over again so I am so pleased that I purchased this last minute. It has meant I can do video mash-ups for each country, film particular environments that I wanted to capture an atmosphere, or take some amazing HD photos of incredible scenery. If you watch some of the videos this thing can take on youtube you will be converted. I love being able to look back at my memories so clearly and it’s been amazing being able to share them with friends and family. If you do choose to purchase one, I would strongly suggest a second battery so you never miss any moments.


5. The Packing Cubes. Shoving things in your bag is one method of packing. Organising things into packing cubes is another – you won’t go back! You know where things are and can reach them and importantly repack them, very quickly. These particular cubes are strong and durable and I have been amazed how much I can squeeze into them.

Packing Cubes Travel Portable Toiletry Luggage Handbag Bag Makeup Organizer Storage

6. The Point It Book. Who said travelling to countries where people don’t speak English is challenging? Ok, of course it can be, but this book is a real help and was recommended to me by another traveller before I left. It is a small, pocket sized book with 1300 pictures in it. No need for multiple translation books, just one nifty small book you can use everywhere. Genius.

Point it: Traveller’s Language Kit

These are all products I own, have used and genuinely think are useful and key items to take travelling with you!

If you do choose to purchase any of these products, I would be super grateful if would purchase them through the links provided. It just means i get a very small fee for referring you, which might help me buy a cup of tea …one day …maybe.