If I was going to come back unplanned, I at least had to surprise people in the process (and of course get some great video footage in the process)! So no-one knew I was on my way home.

After 48 hours of travel which included a taxi ride, three flights, two tubes and one train ride, I arrived at my mum’s house. I let myself in and sat waiting for her to come home. Apart from initially thinking I was robbing the house, the surprise went down well! I then got to surprise my best friend, Laura, by doing the same thing and sitting on her sofa waiting for her to come back from the shops. I filmed their reactions and have turned my time back in the UK into another mash-up video (it’s at the bottom of this blog).

I was also back for my sister’s birthday and the four of us went to Margate for a day trip which was also a lot of fun! Although cold. So. So. Cold. I think the photos below demonstrate just how many layers I had on!

Whilst I was back I got to catch up with friends and family, do a bit of work, enjoy using my NutriBullet again (yes- it was one of my highlights) and re-pack.

Cocktails in Grantham with Laura and Kerry

I loved seeing my friends and family again, but I really missed being back in the UK. When I arrived, I knew it would be short visit and I was more than okay with that. So what would be next?

Enter Portugal. I managed to get a job at a hostel for six weeks in the beautiful town of Sintra, just outside Lisbon. It was just the plan I needed as it would be sunny and I would get to meet new people all the time without having to pack up my bag every few days.

So goodbye England (and thanks for confirming what I thought I already knew – that I don’t want to come back here permanently just yet) and hello Portugal 🙂

Travel is the thing that never stops giving and I’m not finished with it just yet.

Surprise coming home video:


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